u2 360 Tour Website goodness!

Hey all,

I was thumbing through a Rolling Stones magazine the other day, not sure which edition, possibly March, when I came across a piece of work I did for a contract job a couple of months back. I was contracted to help produce some 3D visuals for U2’s 360 Tour Official Website. It didn’t quite hit me how cool a project that was to work on til I saw it in RSM! Came out pretty good in the end.

Check it out!


One Response to u2 360 Tour Website goodness!

  1. joshmchugh says:

    Hi all,

    Just discovered a posting regarding my involvement in the production of the U2 360 Tour interactive website. very cool indeed, but I should clarify if it wasn’t expressed well enough in my original posting, that I was not in fact “The Producer” of said piece; that credit goes with the folks I worked for. I was one of two artists responsible for modeling and texturing the 3D stage for the website. Still cool to see my work on the pages of Rolling Stone, though! Glad folks liked it!

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