Hi there, where to begin…

Well, I got started professionally back in 2001 officially. I was one of the first artists hired to work on Iron Lore Entertainment’s first PC game title, Titan Quest. I modeled and textured all manner of props, environment assets like buildings and such. You name it, at some point I was tapped to do it. I completed three AAA PC titles in my time there:

Titan Quest

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Dawn of War: Soul Storm

Back in February 2008, the company closed, and I found myself looking for a change. So, the family and I decided to make the trek across to the left coast and try our hands on the sunny side of the country. So far, it has been a blast. Since coming here,  I have started to put together a solid modeling reel, producing 3D contract work for commercial production houses, servicing clients such as Sony Online, Nissan, Bosch, and the new U2 concert tour 3D website.

All in all, a sound beginning to what I believe will be a worthwhile time in my career creatively. Feel free to visit my online portfolio and resume to see a few samples of my work and learn a little more about me. Cheers!


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