Xtreme Biography: Santa

July 18, 2009

This is another webshort a good friend of mine, Aaron Priest,  wrote, produced, and directed for Atom Films, “Xtreme Biography: Santa“. I offered up some of my 3D modeling for the cause. Look for a sleigh on the beach and a pimped out Snow Man…had my mojo going that day…




July 18, 2009

Hey all,

Been working on some more exciting stuff lately. Some very good friends of mine have been writing and producing this hot new web comedy series, “Tron Reboot“.  I got involved and produced 3D models and animation for the show. Light cycles, Recognizers and the little geometric construct, BIT. This has been a supremely satisfying project to work on. The humor and concept has legs and it has been awesome to be a part of it! More episodes are in the works, so stay tuned, folks.  Check out the first two episodes on Youtube:

The star talent is Michael Faradie ( serious actor with tremendous comedic chops,) and Dan Thron ( Tremendous  comedic chops…but bigger and hairier)

Produced by my friend Ben Hansford: Writer, Director, MD,DMD, DDS, Esq, TNT


Crime 360 work for 23D Films

July 18, 2009

Hey kids, time for an update! For the last couple of months I have been working for a studio in Hollywood, 23D Films, where I have been producing 3D modeling, texturing, animation and lighting for a crime show for A&E, called “Crime 360“. So far three episodes I have worked on have made it to air:” Run and Gun“, “Blunt  Force Killer“, and “In Broad Daylight“. the concept of the show is to recreate the crime scenes that the homicide detectives are investigating in 3D space, exploring various scenarios. So far it has been a good challenge for me. I am learning a great deal about animation and the TV production pipeline. On top of that, it has been a pretty well-received show for the network! You can currently watch most of the show online at the A&E website. Check it out if you get a chance!


u2 360 Tour Website goodness!

June 6, 2009

Hey all,

I was thumbing through a Rolling Stones magazine the other day, not sure which edition, possibly March, when I came across a piece of work I did for a contract job a couple of months back. I was contracted to help produce some 3D visuals for U2’s 360 Tour Official Website. It didn’t quite hit me how cool a project that was to work on til I saw it in RSM! Came out pretty good in the end.

Check it out!

Picking up some new skills…

May 25, 2009

The new gig has proven to be a good experience for me so far. I was taken on originally for modeling and texturing all manner of things. In addition to that, it appears I get to throw my hat into the animation arena as well! I have done some animation in the past, and on this project I get to turn it up a notch or three. I have to say, I am enjoying it immensely. Coming from a gaming background, tasks tended to be more compartmentalized for the most part. If you modeled and textured…that was your lot in life. Working TV, you could be asked to do any number of tasks from a number of discreet disciplines, and it has been a fine challenge for me. I am hoping to learn a thing or two about lighting and such this week, I am sure I will be called upon to do a bit of it. I feel bad for the two gents next me to who have been fielding my questions incessantly for the last two weeks. I owe them coffees and such I think. I am a quick study, but their patience has been noted and appreciated.

Current news: a gig

May 18, 2009

Just started a new gig last week at a production house producing 3D models and textures for a show on the Bravo Channel. So far it has been a good challenge, albeit the content is a bit on the macabre side of the coin. Crime scene photos leave absolutely NOTHING to the imagination…have developed a fairly strong constitution this last week. It is either that or play the rookie cop puking his guts out in the corner on his first case, all the vets standing around giggling. Will talk more about it when I am sure of the NDA situation…


new show reel!

May 4, 2009

Finally, I have a new show reel up on my website. It showcases some of  my hard surface 3D modeling work. Go ahead and have a peek here.